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Social Media Data Analyst & Digital Marketing Specialist

Hello world!

My name is Leni, I am born and raised in a small town of Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic. Since my childhood I wanted to understand things and how they work. Well, no surprise that I ended up working with data from the online media, computers and have become a huge fan of technology in general.

Surprisingly, I have a bachelor's degree from Theater Theory and Critics because I've always enjoyed a good theater piece or movie. Overall I had followed a lot of paths: brand manager for a street style fashion label, assistant in legal office, editor of water sports magazine. Then I applied for New Media Studies at Charles University, Prague, landed a job of social media editor in Czech TV and started to educate myself in the field of online media and marketing.

However, I soon realized that even though I love news and how the news is produced nowadays, marketing on social media wasn't soon enough for me. Thanks to my coding passion and problem solving & data-oriented approach a very challenging offer came up my way, and for almost 2 years I worked as a social media data analyst (with focus on social network analysis) for Socialbakers.

At this moment I am freelance, currently defended my Master's thesis about Czech journalists on Twitter and therefore finished my university studies (at least for now...). I still am and try to stay the most curious person in the room and am preparing myself for possible Ph.D. path in the near future.


coffees a day

keep fatigue away

Social Media95%

Social network analysis70%


Data visualisation60%

Digital marketing80%

Enthusiasm for new things100%

Press, talks and conferences

as Social Media Data Analyst, Digital Marketing Specialist

I was fortunate enough to talk publicly about my passion for social media and data. You might have seen me at the conferences, in TV or read something I had on my mind in the magazines.

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