About me

Yup, that's me! Talking about data...

...and you might wonder how I ended up in this situation

My name is Leni, a proud Czech, born and raised in a small town of Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic. Since my childhood, I always wanted to understand things and how they worked. Well, no surprise that I ended up working with data and become a huge fan of technology in general.

My professional career in online media started with my first real job of social media editor in Czech TV, a public broadcaster in the Czech Republic. Since then I started educating myself on daily basis in the field of online media and digital marketing. Though the news is always a big passion for me and marketing was a great way to get to know online communities and consumer behavior, during my another job as a data analyst in Socialbakers, I finally found "my thing". Data.

Thanks to my coding passion and problem solving & data-oriented approach to everything I now fully focus on the analysis of data on social media, news and online communities in general. I give lectures, write a blog, and I'm in general interested in data privacy, mental health issues connected to using social media and how to educate people on these topics. I also look into topics of information flow in networks (with focus on disinformation and hate speech), how is this reflected in "offline" world and how it might affect the polarisation of society.

At the beginning of 2018, I defended my Master's thesis about Czech journalists on Twitter and therefore finished my university studies (at least for now...). Currently, I am preparing myself for a possible Ph.D. path in the near future.

For most of my work I use R and I enjoy every single stage of this love-hate relationship through lessons in DataCamp and wonderful community around R Studio. Also Gephi and Open Refine are tools I work with on a daily basis.


I read a lot, enjoy greatly comic books and sci-fi, spend too much time on Twitter.I also travel a lot and try to always stay the most curious person in the room.