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Social media analysis

When working with social media I focus my work on sociometric data mined from Facebook or Twitter. I've so far covered domains of daily news, media and TV particularly, movies, fashion & beauty and FCMG sectors.


Do you need experienced advice or ideas about what you should improve next or which trends will suit your social media profiles? I've helped Lenovo, L'Oréal, Maybelline or BMW with their social media marketing, who says you can't be next?


I am always curious why people behave the way they behave on social media and in the online world. I conducted a research on YouTubers in Czech Republic, social media monitoring and currently, I'm working on SNA of Czech journalists.


Being a bit introverted doesn't mean I could stay away from giving lectures and brief talks on topics related to data and privacy on Facebook and Twitter or user behavior. Do you need a speaker? Write me.

Connecting people

In case I can't help you, I will be more than happy to recommend you my skilled friends or colleagues. I can always connect you with people who can be a valuable assets for your projects. Just ask me.

Past projects

From TV to social media and back

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